Phase 1 Loading

What is the importance of the Loading Phase and Why Should I take it seriously?

It’s seems counter productive to those starting out on a diet to gorge on high fat foods for two days at the start.  But HCG is not a diet, it is a hormonal protocol which requires certain stimulation in the body to work its magic.

HCG is a hormone which unlocks fat storage and releases it to be used for energy.  At the beginning of the protocol we take.
two days to ingest high fat foods whilst taking the homeopathic drops for two reasons:

  1. The overload of high fat foods floods our bodies with triglycerides (fats) to allow the hormone to work effectively in Phase 2
  2. To alleviate hunger in the first few days of Phase 2 as HCG builds up in the body and ensure those fantastic losses in the first week or two.

Most enjoy this phase, however some find it difficult to eat to capacity particularly as the hormone has already started to alleviate hunger.  If you are switching from a high carb to higher fat/higher protein diet you may even experience weight loss during this phase due to elimination of water.  Either way, by the time the two days of gorging are up, you can’t wait to get to a plate of clean, light food.

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