The 4-Stage Protocol

A brilliant doctor by the name of Dr Simoen’s created the well-known hCG protocol over 50 years ago, and he started trialling it on obese teenage patients in Italy.  hCG – or human chorionic gonadotropin – is a naturally occurring hormone which is released at conception and during pregnancy in the female.

His original plan allowed for 500 calories of tightly approved foods coupled with daily doses of HCG. He had tremendous success with his patients and saw astounding changes in body composition. The diet allowed his patients to lose fat, preserve muscle and reset their metabolism where usual dieting would not allow.

His studies and clinical observations also showed that following the plan, then sticking with a no sugar no starch (low carb diet) for three weeks following, resets a part of your brain, called the hypothalamus to secure your body at this new set weight. It also resets hunger hormones to be more stabilized.

The HCG Goddess Protocol whilst following similar principals to the original protocol, differs slightly as it follows a ketogenic approach to the weight loss.

Like the original protocol, there are three phases to the hCG Goddess protocol, and following each one strictly is imperative to achieving the full weight loss benefits.

For those needing to lose 6-10kg or less it’s advised to do a 24- day round.
For those individuals that need to lose more than 10kg then a 40 days round is recommended.

Phase 1 – Loading Phase (2 days)

The purpose of the loading phase is to replenish healthy fat stores within your body and commence the depletion of stored carbohydrates in the boy. Your body will use these stores over the first few days of the Weight Loss Phase. Although counter intuitive to most, it is important to eat foods that are high in healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, macadamia nuts, avocado, bacon, salmon and even dark chocolate. This is an extremely important step. If you do not do this phase correctly, you will experience hunger in the first week. You will commence restricting carbohydrates in this phase to under 20g a day as well as eating moderate amounts of protein. During this phase you will also be taking the recommended dose of Homeopathic hCG drops.

Phase 2 – Weight Loss Phase (21 – 40 days)

The Weight Loss Phase is where the magic happens. During this phase it is essential to follow the diet protocol 100% to have the best possible results.. On average, my clients lose 7-10kg* on the 24 days plan (*results will vary as we are all unique!). This plan allows for a variety of meat, fish and eggs as well as a wide array of low carb vegetables plus some healthy fat from coconut oil. During this phase you will also be taking the recommended dose of Homeopathic hCG drops and weighing yourself twice a week.


The most important stage is the Stabilisation Phase. This is where we maintain the final goal weight. We continue to eat a low-carb diet, but start to increase healthy fats and calories. During this phase it is important to continue to monitor your weight daily and to ensure you remain within one kilo of your final Phase 2 weight. This phase lasts for 3 weeks. It is essential to complete this part of the diet in order to have the long-term effects of the weight loss and to help in maintaining your weight in the future. You will build on all you have learnt through Phase 2 to create a plan for life.

Phase 4 – Maintenance

On going maintenance is criticial to stabilisation. In maintenance we can re-introduce some of the complex carbohydrates we have excluded through the protocol and see which work for your body and which don’t.  This is the only time we allow carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, breads, starchy veggies like potatoes, pumpkins.