4pm Pick me Up

Carbonated water is brilliant at taking away hunger pangs and a good way to replenish some salts, important when on Phase 2 HCG Goddess program.   If you have not come across flavoured Stevia, you must try the range from Nirvana Organics www.nirvanahealthproducts.com. Continue reading “4pm Pick me Up”

Fats and Skincare

A wonderful component of the HCG Goddess Protocol is the elimination of toxins via fat cell release.  Therefore, it makes sense to reduce the amount of toxins we are putting in during this time not only what we eat, but what we put on our skin. Continue reading “Fats and Skincare”

Phase 1 Loading

What is the importance of the Loading Phase and Why Should I take it seriously?

It’s seems counter productive to those starting out on a diet to gorge on high fat foods for two days at the start.  But HCG is not a diet, it is a hormonal protocol which requires certain stimulation in the body to work its magic. Continue reading “Phase 1 Loading”