About Me

I’m Donna – a busy mum of three who works part time at a health company, manages my husband’s companies bookkeeping, manages the domestic duties, and have had pletny of struggles with my weight. And I’m the HCG Goddess – a qualifed and registered Nutritionist with the passion and technical expertise to help you achieve your weight loss goals, coupled with a lifetime of understanding the barriers we all face trying to achieve our goals.

Since my early twenties, I have battled with my weight.  Add to that a family hidtory of coeliac disease and you get someone who has spent years researching health and nutrition.  Food and health have always been of great interest to me.  That fact that I could never keep my weight at a leanness I was happy with, coupled with my stubborness and determination to try every diet known to mankind, resulted in my broad knowledge about all things diet.  However, not only have I tried each I diet I came across, I immersed myself in everything about those diet plans – particularly the science.  You can say, I have run the gauntlet when it comes to researching, trialling new diets and new ways to get and stay lean.  Thanks to my passion, I am always at the gorefront of health trends and products relating to weight loss.

In 2010, again researching weight loss, I stumbled across the HCG Diet.  I ordered the hormonal drops ( which I refer to now as patches), did my first ’round (a common name given to the length of time you are on the protocol) and lost 7 kg in 3 weeks.  This diet changed my life forever. Since following this protocol 9 years ago, I have been able to maintain my weight.  Over time, I have learned through hardship, determinationa and hours of trial and error what works for me and my body.  What I know works for everybody is the HCG Goddess Protocol.

During this protocol, you will learn how you can switch from being a ‘sugar burner’ to a ‘fat burner’ as well as find your ‘sweet spot’ t continue to losing weight without starving yourself or spending endless hours at the gym.

This protocol is fantastic at bringing to the forefront the unconscious habits that have been sabotaging your efforts.  You will see the amazing benefits loe-carb living can offer.

As a working mother of three, I understannd how a busy lifestyle impacts food choices, which is why I aim to give simple, concise and practical advice so you can take control of your health and wellbeing.  Are you ready to be a Goddess?

Take up the offer for my coaching and I will be there for you during your journey, and will provide daily instructions, plus answer any question you have as you move through the protocol phases/

Donna Williams, Nutritionist, Dip Nut, MATMS
HCG Goddess