About Me

Before I introduce the HCG Goddess protocol to you, I want to tell you a little about my story to help you understand why it’s so important to me and why I’ve decided to commit my entire practice to focusing on helping you lose weight and keep it off with a low carb, healthy fat diet.

After battling with my weight since my early twenties, and with a history of Coeliac disease in my family, I took an interest in health which led me into the pathway of studying to becoming a Nutritionist. Food and Health have always been a great interest to me. In my twenties, I struggled with being overweight, not grossly but enough for me not to feel comfortable, as well as adult acne, hormonal imbalance and reoccurring candida. At the time, I was following the typical calorie controlled low fat, high carb diet prescribed by the government’s food pyramid and most weight loss resources. These worked for a time then the weight would come back with a vengeance.

During my first pregnancy, I put on 20 kilos! Thankfully with breastfeeding, I lost some of this weight but fell pregnant within nine months of giving birth. It was after my second child I came across the low carb plan by Dr Dukan called the Dukan Diet. By eliminating carbs from my diet, I instantly saw the results via my skin, weight, hormonal cycle and energy levels. However, I was taught at College that this diet should only be done for a short amount of time and of course as soon as I switched back to the typical food pyramid style diet – low fat, wholegrains, my weight piled on.

In 2010, after the birth of my third child, I found myself again researching nutrition and health, trying to find another way to lose the weight. I stumbled across the HCG Diet. The diet sounded incredible. I ordered the drops, did my first round and went from 59 kilos to 51 kilos in 3 weeks.

This diet changed my life forever and led me to a low-carb now ketogenic lifestyle.

After decades of being told that going low-fat and high fibre was the best way to be healthy and lose weight, doing the absolute opposite in the stabilizing phase was scary for me in the beginning. Continuing to keep my carbohydrates low and introduce more and more fats was to key.

Since following this protocol, and stabilizing with a ketogenic diet, I have been able to maintain my weight as well as change my body composition, rid of cyclical acne, rebalance my hormones, quit my sugar addiction, sleep amazingly build muscle and gain the bone density of a 20-year old. I have been maintaining for the last 7 years.

In that time, I now understand the reasons why restricting fat is not the answer and lowering carbohydrates is. Given what we have been brain-washed with since our youth, it is hard to believe that we can lose weight and gain tremendous health by eating low carb and getting most of our calories from fatty foods like avocado, grass-fed meats, seafood and even some sugar-free treats.

A lifetime of restricting calories and fat and over-exercising has paved the way for a diet filled with healthy fats, moderate amounts of protein and lots of healthy low carbohydrate fruits and vegetables.

I have worked this knowledge into creating my hCG Goddess protocol which utilizes the knowledge of the ketogenic diet and weight loss with the hCG hormone to assist the process. Since introducing this protocol into my practice, I have watched my clients have tremendous success (on average a 7-10 kilo weight loss for a 24-day round*) where previously they had failed, copious amounts of time like myself.

My goal is to introduce you to a ketogenic/low-carb lifestyle and show how to continue to maintain your weight, improve your health and wellbeing well after you have finished this program.

As a working mother of three, I understand how a busy lifestyle impacts on poor food choice mainly for the mother not her tribe, which is why I aim to give simple, concise and practical advice you can work into your routine.

Transform yourself from a tired sugar-burner to a fat-burning, energetic Goddess. Lose the weight, regain your confidence and health, sleep better and best of all stop the yo-yo.

Donna Williams, Nutritionist, Dip Nut, MATMS
HCG Goddess